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100% Cotton Baby Wearable Sleeveless Zipper Sleeping Bag Anti-kick Sleep Sack Wrap Bag

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* Material: pure cotton

* Size:

0-6 months: recommended height 22.83-25.98inch/58-66cm;

6-18 months: recommended height 25.98-29.92inch/66-76cm;

18-36 months: recommended height 29.92-35.04inch/76-89cm

* Function: sleeping bag, sleeveless pajamas

* Features

1) The material selection and workmanship of the sleeping bag fabric are strict and strict, and strive to make the baby sleep more peacefully

2) Using sea island cotton, its fibers are very slender. When the temperature is high, the fibers will loosen to achieve a breathable effect, and when the temperature is low, it will tighten, which plays a role in keeping warm and has a good touch and good breathability. Sweat absorption

* Machine wash

* Imported

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