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Single-Pack Christmas Cartoon Multifunctional Press Ballpoint Pen with 10 Color Options

Color Green
Butter-soft Feel
Durable Prints
Vivid Color

Product details

Add a touch of color to your writing and drawing with our Single Pack Christmas Cartoon Ten-Color Ballpoint Pen, perfect for the festive season. With a fun and colorful design, this multi-functional pen is a must-have.

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Composition, Care & fit

Composition: • Suitable Characteristics: Perfect for writing and drawing, ideal for the festive season • Size: 14cm in length, weighing 20g for easy use and portability. • Source of Good: Made with high-quality PC plastic for durability and long-lasting use

Care: • Comes in a single pack with ten different colors to choose from • Features a fun and playful design with a strong writing tip for smooth and effortless writing • Perfect for kids and adults alike, great for school, office, or home use. Note: Original description provided was in Chinese, all the information has been translated and optimized for better readability, SEO performance, and conversion rate.